Ok I've split the DVD in to group's on one side, we have all the PG rated stuff and the other well, the NOT PG rated stuff.
Why, you ask well you may not want to see nudity, tThis way you need not worry

Info About The DVD's

They're all 16x9 widescreen the resolution is Very High (NTSC). We shot all of it with the Sony HRD-FX1 in HD. The Clip's you'll find on the Preview pages are Very low resolution compared to the DVD's them self I did this to save bandwidth. Most of the time it's just me and one of the Model's they're are a few 2,3 and 4 girl shoot's and a few time you'll see my friends Jim or Tim Helping me or in the background.
we tried to keep thing's informal there is no script no acting and I didn't ask anyone to act hypnotized just the opposite there was more the one time that we didn't continue because I felt I couldn't hypnotize them.
What you'll see is how different people react to being hypnotized and no 2 people are alike
So Enjoy:

The PG rated Side The NOT PG rated Side
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