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Why is it red ? well First off : I'm Photosensitive I find the red light does not hurt

Second : I'm up all night and I sleep all day so going from Red to a dark house is easy

Third : OH My GOD Do you Really Need Three Computers ? ...  Ummm  Yes i do

Left is my main Machine For  video editing / gaming  the laptop is for Web surfing when the main is tied up and the linux box is Mp3’s Teamspeak  and all the Instant Messaging


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What is it and why do I have car batteries in my room?

There’s nothing Worse the playing City Of Heroes And having the Power go out. It happens All the time here, the power Grid here is Crap. Sometime The light’s look Like Strobe lights. SO I have 90% of the room on a ups ( uninterruptible power supply ) if I loose power my room keep’s going the batteries are My Backup to the power grid.

Why Car Batteries ?  Well Run time I can go About a Day or So Longer the normal

Second I got it used And without batteries so I got Two Semi-Truck One’s from a friend and there you go

Now I don’t Mean to say you should run out and get a old ups and put some car batteries on it

 Make Sure you know what your doing before you try this at home


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