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Updated: 03/30/2009

To order with Credit Card


YOU Must be 18 years or older to enter The Stores. If your locale restricts the viewing of adult content or nudity or if you are under the age of 18 you May not Enter.

I can now take credit cards at my Stores. Simply go add the videos to your cart and check out. That is no mailing anything. Just click below, check out and the order will be on its way

My Online Clips Store 

To order with Check or Money Order


I have to ask That You send me a copy of your Government issued Identification, It must Be Readable And a Copy of This Order Form Along with your Payment
The order Form must Have a Real Signature. Other wise your order will not be processed
With the way the new U.S Law's are I'm doing it to cover my rear I know I may not have to
Also I'll answer this question now NO I CANT take pay-pal they have rule's against it
Enclose Cashiers Check or Money Order. (Personal checks I will accepted BUT I wont ship the order until the check clears. Also the name must match the Identification )
For your mail safety, Don't send cash And Please Write Clearly when you fill out the order form.


US - $4.00 For the first DVD,

CAN - $6.00 For the first DVD,

GLOBAL - $8.00 For the first DVD,

Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery from the mailing date

I'll get your order shipped as soon as I can I am only human As soon as I ship your order I'll send you a e-mail
If you have any other question's feel free to E-mail me other the that
Again Here's the Order From

Print it out mail it and a copy of your Government issued Identification and your Payment


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